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Engagement Approach

TSG Provides lasting regional profit improvement for companies

  • Initial Consultation
  • Opportunity assessment
  • Improvement program
  • Sustaining success

Product Offering

TSG serves financial or non-financial institutions in the community through delivering strategic, financial and operations consulting.  We specialize in strategic and capital planning, enterprise risk management, performance measurement, profitability outsourcing, profit and process improvement, and investment banking advisory services. Through delivering focused management information and analysis, our team works with our clients to develop winning strategies, to assess enterprise risk, to identify operating efficiencies, and to evaluate strategic alternatives and acquisition opportunities. 

Our job is to harness our best capabilities and your most outstanding skillsets to identify and achieve your objectives. We leverage the collective strengths of our team to improve your performance.

We guarantee that you will benefit from our assistance in each of these areas.

We guarantee that you will benefit from our assistance in each of these areas.

Performance Measurement

Our performance measurement service is designed to be responsive to your needs for building and implementing profitability reporting, growing an accountability culture, feeding customer and relationship profitability systems, and improving your bottom line results.

Our benefits include:

· Customized service. You decide what is measured. You define the reporting structure based on business units in your organization and products from your product menu.

· Implementation of industry best practice. From fund transfer pricing to cost assignment, we provide your institution with a performance measurement system in accordance with industry best practice. We balance complexity with end-user understanding. There are no black boxes.

· Ability to provide peer comparability. Having performed the same service for dozens of financial and non-financial institutions in the community, we have managed to obtain granular level profitability data at the line of business and product level. You cannot get this information anywhere else.

· Analysis of results. We conduct periodic meetings with your team to discuss results and provide insights for potentially actionable improvement items.

· Support for your customer profitability system. Most customer and relationship profitability systems require spread, fee income, and cost data at the customer level. We provide data feeds so your system reflects your institution’s actual experience, and not an esoteric and dated industry standard.

· We do just about all of the work. Cost assignment, funds transfer pricing, and data feed coordination are a few of the major tasks required from the start of your profitability project to report delivery. We interact with a limited number of your employees in order to keep the burden of the project on us.

· A la carte services You may purchase components of our services based on your needs. For example, we can provide you with funds transfer pricing (FTP) data feeds, cost assignment consulting, or perform profitability system audits.

Strategic Management

No matter if you require a one-day strategy retreat or a full-scale plan development, our processes allow the best ideas to surface.  Our strategic planning service begins by assessing the institution’s current situation.

Our approach in a snapshot:

· A process that fosters rigorous debate. Planning retreats often provide a forum to exchange and debate ideas where expert facilitators ensures effective communication.

· A plan that gets things done on time. We provide client-ready strategic and/or capital plans by the deadlines agreed on.

· A strategy centred on execution. We realize abstract plans and transform them into concrete realities. Managers are given a road map of actionable tasks that accomplish organizational objectives.

Strategic planning deliverables:

· Providing front-end interviews that avoid group-think and retreats that help us to quickly get to the heart of the institution’s strategy.

· Supplying retreat workbook and analytics that include peer data.

· Facilitating off-site retreat.

· Drafting of the strategic plan based on inputs from interviews and retreat results.

· Developing goals and initiatives necessary to execute strategy.

· Supplying financial projections that translate initiatives into financial results.

· Providing completed capital plan.

· Supplying an actionable ERM framework.

· Providing a balanced strategic alternatives analysis.

Profit & Process Improvement

We help to implement structures to maximize revenues and reduce operational inefficiencies that unnecessarily drain resources for more profitable opportunities. We benefit you by providing:

  • Third Party Review. We use third parties to periodically review operations, invoices, software-use, and vendors. Third parties provide management with the necessary perspective to make modifications that improves profit and performance.
  • Benchmarking and Peer Comparison. We compare your operating expenses to peer statistics. We also compare departments to industry benchmarks. Finally, we make recommendations that highlight efficiency opportunities.
  • Revenue Enhancement. Our analysis is not limited to expense reduction. To increase non-interest income, we offer clients insight on current trends and traditional strategies and provide best practices to enhance fee tracking and collection.
  • Contract Negotiations. We have the expertise to assist institutions to understand their invoices – and if needed, to negotiate contracts for technology expense containment and reduction.

Board & Management Advisory Assistance

We assist our clients in developing the appropriate corporate governance processes and management structure; we help build enterprise-wide risk management (ERM) programs. Specifically, we offer:

· Assessment of Boards of Directors’ and their members’ capabilities to perform their governance responsibilities.

· Business and capital planning, management studies and reviews, efficiency studies, and board and/or staffing reviews.

· Enterprise risk assessment focused on the strategic plans and structures to be maintained by your team.

· Regulator-approved ability to perform these studies as a result of past engagements.

Benefits to you include:

· Extra time and energy for management to focus on other areas of the regulatory action with the confidence that the portion assigned to us will be completed in the required timeframe.

· Focus on satisfying the regulatory action and adding value by helping to improve future operations.

· An ERM program that makes sense, from strategy to execution.

· Outside perspectives based on centuries of collective banking experience with hundreds of institutions.

Financial Advisory

With decades of experience of work in executing whole institution sales and acquisitions as well as branch and fee-based line of business transactions, we bring a 360-degree perspective to our financial advisory engagements. We advise on the following types of transactions:

  • Whole institution M&A.
  • Evaluation of strategic alternatives.
  • Fee-based business purchase or sale.
  • Branch purchase or sale.
  • Fairness opinions

Anti-Money Laundering and Countering the Financing of Terrorism

TSG offers more than 20 years of experience in supporting financial institutions, the private sector, policy makers, regulators, and the law enforcement in the United States and Overseas. TSG advises on the following:

  • Assist with designing and implementing of counter-money laundering systems for financial services businesses
  • Prepare money laundering related sections of compliance manuals, induction programs and monitoring and audit of compliance systems
  • Assist compliance teams in resolving conflicts between regulatory and legislative regimes in one or more countries
  • Working with investigation teams to identify and recover proceeds of illegal or unlawful actions by staff or third parties

Information Technology

· TSG IT consulting assists financial institutions, private and government bodies, as well as IT leaders design and implement enhanced solutions in security, IT governance, data management, software development, and compliance systems.

· Our strategic and IT operations team works closely with your organization in order to assist you in achieving your objectives.  

Cyber Security

· Our cyber security team is committed to protecting critical information that belongs to your company and clients against global security threats. We research and build capacity to respond to an extensive range of threats in order to ensure that your firm is able to defend your network against attacks. Our assessment services include:

o Risk assessments

o Penetration testing

o Web application
Software Development:

· Principal priorities include understanding your business’ unique vision, consulting on how software technologies can help your business achieve its ends, and implementing solutions that advance your vision.
Ø Build

· Your firm’s leadership is part of the development team. Our development experts collaborate with you in order to clarify user requirements, confirm graphical layouts, and then develop and test your system. We help you take command of technology and make it work for you, exactly the way you want it to.

Ø Integrate

· With the connection and integration of software systems, your firm will be able to share data and make decisions on the basis of facts, evidence-based projects, and historical reports.  We are able to assist your review of your operations and integrate systems accordingly so that you can automate processes and make intelligent decisions.
Ø Support

· Our software support teams offer proactive maintenance, strategic analysis, and consultation services in order to assist you advance your systems and accomplish your evolving business needs.

Administrative Consulting

· Our administrative support team is planning and coordinating supportive services to many local and international clients. Our administrative consulting services include but are not limited to:

§ Document processing

§ File management and response services

§ Travel coordination

Analytical and Language Support

TSG provides subject matter expertise and analytical support in the following areas:

· Supporting the analysis of foreign language source materials for content and significance

· Transcribing and / or translating verbal, graphic, and other language materials into a targeted language in a prescribed format

· Preparing reports and technical briefings from and to distinct languages

· Preparing assessments of current events based on the collection, research, and analysis of foreign language materials

· Implementing translation methods and quality control procedures and standards

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