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Our Team

Hisham Kamal - Vice President

As Senior Financial and Operational Executive, Hisham is strategy and business-oriented. He specializes in developing and implementing long-range business strategies. He holds a proven track record in increasing the value of growing organizations through improving systems, operational efficiencies and acquisitions. He is a quick-learner, problem-solver, team-player, and effective communicator.

He holds the VP position for the ME&A region. With real drive and enthusiasm, he helps clients to improve their business through providing solutions for complex business challenges through making P&L improvements in supply chains, lead (?) offices, administration, and G&A. He also helps clients to implement the Performance Measurements Systems to improve their bottom line figure. He improves the distinct knowledge spikes in supply chain management, sales force productivity, marketing effectiveness, back-office optimization and other complex business functions by assisting clients to focus on the bottom line figures rather than providing them with unhelpful reports.

Hisham joined Tristate Groups as an experience professional. He has had a longstanding career in the banking and financial institutions sector. He was the Chief Operating Officer - COO at United Lease Co., a leading and highly skilled team of central operations, financial operations, general administration (?), human resources and IT divisions. He was mainly responsible for designing and implementing company business strategies and business plans, financial plans and analysis as well as procedures. He also prepared regulatory reports for regulators. He established policies that promoted the company vision and mission and encouraged achievement of target goals and implementation of related strategies. Finally, he was also responsible for setting comprehensive goals for performance and growth, participation in expansion activities such as investments, acquisition, corporate alliances etc., and managing relationships with partners and vendors.

Hisham was also the Chief Financial Officer - CFO for Commercial International bank (CIB Group), one of the biggest financial institutions in the country. Prior to becoming CFO for CIB Group, he has had more than 25 years of wide-randing experience in the global banking industry at the Chase Bank in Egypt as the head of the Financial Planning and Analysis Division. He then became the CFO of American Express Bank in Egypt and was involved in responsibilities in the finance group, corporate services, and IT operations team.

Hisham was a member of several vital committees in CIB Group. He worked with other committee members in helping to provide financials analytical recommendations in decision-making processes. He was also a board member for numerous subsidiary company boards under CIB Group.

Hisham has a BA with honors in Financial accounting from the Faculty of Commerce at Cairo University.

Sherif A. Hassan, PhD

Sherif has had more than 30 years of wide-ranging experience in feasibility study preparation, real estate development, regional and urban economics, Islamic banking industry and training and strategic planning.

Doctor of Philosophy in Economics - Ein Shams University, Cairo, 2005

The Role of Real-estate Investment and its Impacts on National Economic Performance "An Applied Study on Real - Estate Sector and its Relation with Recession Crises in Egypt"

Master of Science in Economics- Ein Shams University, Cairo, 1997

Role of Capital Market in Achieving Objectives of Economic Reform Program in Egypt

Post Graduate Diploma in Financial Management, Cairo University, Cairo 1986

Bachelor of Science in Accountancy- Cairo University, Cairo, 1982

Yehia El-Husseiny, MBA

For almost 29 years now, I have worked for the Commercial International Bank (CIB) in Egypt. I held senior management positions, including Director and managed various affairs in numerous areas and held an array of responsibilities such as:

  • Managing the Reconciliation and Control Department for more than five years, which included working on the revamp project for replacing the old reconciliation system with the latest scientific international application and providing guidance and support for the project as a project business owner.
  • Managing the Financial Accounting Department for more than eleven years, for the purposes of punctually providing all stakeholders with the requested financial reports and ensuring the reports' accuracy and credibility.

That particular period included a very dramatic transition in the CBE reports, in addition to application of the new CBE regulations, "IFRS". I was responsible for studying new products, and designing the appropriate accounting solution and ensuring that they comply with Egyptian accounting standards, CBE instructions and internal rules.

  • Managing the Expenses and Budget Control Department for almost twelve years, for the purpose of ensuring that business-related expenses are incurred in a manner that appropriately promotes the objectives of the Bank and cost containment. It is also intended to facilitate the Cost Accounting process and the expeditious reimbursement of reasonable and appropriate business expenditure.

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