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About Us

Why TSG Consulting:

·   We provide completely unique and original solutions that yield tangible results in weeks, not years. The advantages of working with TSG are clear:

  • We are thorough, experienced professionals in sustainable improving businesses. We have distinct knowledge spikes in supply chain management, sales force productivity, marketing effectiveness, back office optimization, call center improvement, and other business functions that are typically more complex.
  • We designate experienced senior consultants to work with you on your project as opposed to entry-level trainees. We put together project teams with exactly the right balance of industry experience and interpersonal skills, allowing us to understand your business in less time.
  • We do not have layers of partners and managers that bill to your engagement without contributing and we do not build lavish overhead into our prices.
  • We do not shoehorn our methodology into where it is inappropriate to do so, or where your strategic objectives cannot be achieved.
  • We focus on your bottom line rather than on delivering fancy reports.

Value Proposition

We provide solutions to the most complex of business challenges.  We drive real and reconcilable P&L improvements – supply chain, lean office, administrative and G&A optimization projects are our specialty. Most of our competitors are generalists.  We are cost effective. TriState Groups’ fees are among the most competitive in the industry which allows us to offer an industry leading 500 per cent average return on investment. 

We are fast. With TriState Groups, engagements typically break even approximately 25 weeks after they have started. We work well with your staff. TriState Groups' collaborative approach ensures that the impetus for change comes from deep within the organization.

What we are not:

We are not a top-heavy organization with several layers of partners who inflate costs while offering relatively little in terms of value to the client.  We do not leave our engagements in the hands of trainees. TriState Groups consultants are well-respected in the industry. We take pride in our ability to gain trust from all levels of a client’s organization.

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